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My Famicase Exhibition
Entries in the My Famicase Exhibition, showcased annually at METEOR Japan, located in Tokyo. Artists and designers are tasked with creating a concept idea for a vintage Nintendo Famicom title, designing the cartridge label.

WorldEnd (2019) - The humans have abandoned the world. Fearing for their future, they leave behind a single being, simply named "E." Why were they left behind, and what mysterious connection do they have to this once beautiful planet?

ネバーギブアップ!BLACK EMPEROR (2018) - Will the world truly be ours? The night is our sanctuary, as we fight injustice and demand righteousness. Join the new Bōsōzoku in the fight against the past as the world shakes and rattles under the sound of our steeds. The price will be blood!

Inkjet Muscle (2017) -  Take control of some of the worlds most famous muscle cars in a multicolored realm of audio/visual prowess. Race against your friends to the music as it pulses & pounds, manipulating the colorscape of the world, and revealing shortcuts and upgrades.

Tatras (2015) - A group of interstellar explorers discover a long-forgotten mountain range, unearthing a cataclysm the likes of which the world has never seen. Or have they? Discover clues to help determine where, or when, your mind has been taken in this psychological thriller. One Player.

Space Marine Racer (2013) - Sgt. Rex Dustroy is a decorated Marine for the Earth Star Command with a haunted past, who has become locked into a game of life and DEATH. Control Rex and 9 other trapped Racers as they compete for their freedom on a hostile alien world in a race to the finish, where anything less than first, is dead last. With 5 different loadouts for each racer, on 8 different tracks, you never know what's in store, and when the Marines come knocking, neither will those alien scum! 1-4 PLAYERS.

© 2019 Joshua Lanphear -
Joshua Lanphear is a multidisciplinary designer out of Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on multiple areas of design. Typography, print, video, audio, and more. Working with companies all over the world ranging from Disney, to Porsche, to the small warehouse that manufactured your pocket knife.

With a love for exploring new ideas and new projects, and a refusal to ever stop learning and growing, he focuses on the skills to best evolve with an ever-changing world. Inspirations such as Japanese culture, street art, and video games ensure an always racing imagination. Check out Ph LEVEL, his inspiration board, to see more.

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