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Primal Rage
Branding, design, art direction, and planning for a concept revival of the classic fighting game franchise pitting giant creatures against each other. The original game was created and distributed by Midway in the mid-90’s on home consoles and arcades.

This revival would thrust the game into a more cinematic approach for new players, with a unique ultra-realistic focus on creatures, that foregoes traditional health bars in favor of visual cues throughout matches that indicate player health. The game would feature all of the classic characters, as well as several new designs from creature artist, Rodrigo Vega.

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Joshua Lanphear is a multidisciplinary designer out of Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on multiple areas of design. Typography, print, video, audio, and more. He has worked with companies all over the world ranging from Disney, to Porsche, to the small warehouse that manufactured your pocket knife.

With a love for exploring new ideas and new projects, and a refusal to ever stop learning and growing, he focuses on the skills to best evolve with an ever-changing world. Inspirations such as Japanese culture, street art, and video games ensure an always racing imagination. Check out Ph LEVEL, his inspiration board, to see more.

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