Branding, planning, art direction, audio editing, and production for Heatvision Entertainment. A podcast and video production company creating weekly, and bi-weekly episodic series that span numerous forms of genre entertainment.
Heatvision Entertainment was started as a way for myself and many of my fellow creatives to begin our own podcasts and have a simple and professional way to distribute their shows.
Questweiser - A bi-weekly episodic podcast that follows a group of friends on a drunken Dungeons & Dragons adventure, and their attempts to stay alive, and live their best fictional life.
Analog - A weekly episodic podcast that spotlights the latest news in pop culture such as comic book films and television, video games, animation, and more.
Our City, Ashbourne - A bi-weekly anthology audio and video production spotlighting supernatural stories from various writers and creators, taking place in the fictional town of Ashbourne, being read aloud by a mysterious narrator.
Badcast - A bi-weekly series that sees the host, Bovi, pour over research on the greatest villains in pop culture history, sharing their creation and history, as well as numerous plans and stories.

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