Who is Phearhead®?
I'm Joshua Lanphear, a graphic designer out of Phoenix, AZ that specializes in commercial & marketing design. I also work in apparel design, as well as dabble in audio and video production, and motion graphics.
After attending a vocational school for welding, I learned I didn't have the patience to sew metal together, so I switched courses and put my art skills to the test, immediately falling in love with graphic design after picking up Photoshop and Illustrator. My professional career began in 2007 when I started work in the E-Sports industry working with teams such as Team Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, Mouse Sports, and SK Gaming. Since then, I have worked across numerous industries for clients such as Porsche Cars, Subaru, Super Deluxe, Disney, and many others. I've worked in the entertainment, outdoor, gaming, and automotive industries, priding myself on my ability to adapt to needs and deadlines for any kind of project. Whether it's a brand package or style guide, vehicle wrap, environmental design, digital marketing, production design, or any crazy project your brain can cook up.
When I'm not designing, I'm posting on Twitter, playing video games, reading manga, watching anime and movies, or enjoying whatever crazy food I can get my hands on.
For business inquiries, death-match challenges, and more - phear@phrhd.co 

Collections / Exhibitions
Ph LEVEL - Curated Board of Inspiration
My Famicase Exhibition - Tokyo, Japan (2013-2019)
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