A collection of Branding designs created over the years for projects of varying industries, and styles.
Branding and design for a community specializing in owners of Japanese Keijidōsha (Micro) cars.

Been Better Comic
Branding and design for an autobiographical comic by Southern Californian artist, Jimmy Purcell.

http://beenbettercomic.com/ ​​​​​​​
Branding and design for a concept musical project based around Post-Chiptune, featuring darker, mood inspired video game music.
F-Zero SR
Logo concept for an entry of the classic Nintendo franchise, F-Zero, for the Nintendo Switch. Utilizing more modern iconography of the franchise, as well as the commonly used red and blue color palette associated with the Nintendo Switch.
Processors & Programs
Branding and design for the TRON-inspired tabletop role-playing game.
Played Out
Branding and UI Design for the short-lived game culture web-series, Played Out, for production company, Super Deluxe, that spotlighted unique trends across the video game industry, giving new and experienced players insight into the ever-changing world of the digital space.

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